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Professional Staff

Our caring, compassionate staff members are thoroughly trained in the latest orthodontic techniques, and they will carefully observe all sterilization regulations for your complete safety and comfort.

Treatment Philosophy 

We believe that when our patients’ have a great smile, they’re more confident, self-assured and comfortable. Since each one of our patients have different goals, we customize our treatment plans to fit your unique needs.



Understanding what orthodontic treatment your health insurance policy covers can be challenging. At Smiles N Braces we work with you and your insurance company to maximize your coverage and peace of mind.

About Smiles N Braces

Smiles N Braces is firmly committed to providing leading-edge Orthodontic treatment in a safe and compassionate atmosphere. Our goal is to make your visit as convenient, stress-free, and comfortable as possible. We know that you lead a busy life, so we’ll do everything we can to keep your appointment on time allowing you to get back to your work and home activities.

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