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When you’re ready to correct crooked or gapped teeth, you can rely on the comprehensive orthodontic services available at Smiles N Braces in Danville, California. Reshma Nazir, DDS, is highly trained in creating innovative treatment plans that address your specific needs, straighten your teeth, and restore a beautiful smile. She offers the most popular orthodontic options, including traditional braces and custom Invisalign® clear aligners. Get started on your journey to straighter teeth by calling Smiles N Braces or scheduling a consultation online today.

Braces and Invisalign Q & A

Which types of braces are available?

To ensure the available orthodontic treatments meet your needs, Dr. Nazir offers a variety of options for braces to properly align teeth. These options include:

Traditional fixed braces

Uses metal, ceramic, or clear brackets and wires attached to your teeth to gradually shift them into place.



A high-tech system that can straighten teeth faster than traditional braces using 3D technology, metal brackets, and heated wires.

Six-month braces

Focuses on straightening the teeth that are most visible when speaking or smiling to improve their aesthetic appearance, rather than functionality.

Dr. Nazir also offers the popular Invisalign system if you want an alternative to traditional braces.

How does Invisalign work?

The Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, removable clear teeth aligners. These aligners are made up of durable, safe materials that gradually shift your teeth into proper position. Dr. Nazir creates a custom treatment plan, designing your progressive aligners through innovative computer technologies and digital X-rays.

You wear the individual aligners at all times, except for brushing or eating, and replace them about every two weeks. Because the aligners are clear, it’s virtually impossible to tell when you’re wearing them.

Who can benefit from orthodontic services?

It’s never too late to restore your smile and your confidence. Dr. Nazir offers orthodontic services for both children and adults to correct alignment issues and improve overall dental health. She works with you closely to determine the best course of treatment to reach your goals.

Traditional braces can be effective for anyone who is able to tolerate the wires and metal brackets and doesn’t mind their visibility. Because there are several options for braces, you may benefit from the traditional methods for straightening teeth.

Invisalign therapy is ideal for teens and adults that want to correct common dental problems, like gapped or crooked teeth, without using traditional braces. This system can often shift teeth into place faster than other methods and may be more comfortable to wear than the metal brackets and wires.

Learn more about the orthodontic options available at Smiles N Braces by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.