An Alternative to Traditional Braces: Learn More About SureSmile

If you've been wanting a straighter, more even smile, but have concerns about how traditional braces would fit into your lifestyle and change your appearance, the SureSmile® system might be right for you. 

At Smiles N Braces Family Dental of Danville, California, Reshma Nazir, DDS, offers SureSmile as one of a variety of braces alternatives. With SureSmile, Dr. Nazir can help you get a straighter smile without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces.

How does SureSmile work?

First, we take a highly accurate 3D scan of your mouth and teeth. The combination of SureSmile software and our digital technology gives the scan a degree of precision detail not matched by other techniques. 

Then, we use computer technology to develop your individual treatment plan. With our digital treatment planning software, you can watch a simulation of the changes that will reshape your smile. SureSmile lets us adjust your smile one tooth at a time to deliver the exact results you want.

Once we develop your treatment plan, we order your unique SureSmile aligners. Made from high-grade and reliable Essix® plastic, your aligners fit your mouth perfectly. 

By using sets of aligners for a period of weeks or months, you gradually straighten your smile without the inconvenience of braces or rubber bands. You don't have to worry about adjusting your diet, either, because you remove your aligners to eat.

When you start wearing your aligners, it's important that you take good care of them to maintain their invisible appearance, as well as to protect your oral health. Frequent cleanings with water are a must, but stronger cleaners can damage your aligners or stain them with colored dyes.

How long does it take?

Depending on the kinds of changes you want to make to your smile, your SureSmile system treatment could last for just a few weeks or more than a year. When we develop your individual treatment plan, we help you decide how long you want to use the treatment system. 

SureSmile aligners minimize treatment time over other types of braces or clear aligner systems. Because we plan out the movement of each of your teeth with scientific precision before implementing your treatment plan, we can create the most effective aligners possible. Instead of waiting for your teeth to respond haphazardly to the pressure of braces, with SureSmile we can exert targeted pressure to shift your teeth to exactly where you want them.

One of the most popular options for quickly and invisibly straightening your smile, SureSmile works best in the hands of an expert practitioner. At Smiles N Braces, Dr. Nazir has the expertise you can trust, with more than 25 years in dental practice. 

To find out if SureSmile is right for you, schedule an initial consultation with a member of our care team today. You can call our Danville, California, office or book your appointment online.

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